malawi 2000

Shake-down, thumb-twiddle, ramp-up

28 May  
Hook up with LQ at airport ~2pm, get a car into town through hot bright Africa. Go to ground at Council resthouse - no frills double room, K155, and pop the first Carlsberg greens. Players include Jonas, who is a "fire engineer" at the airport - hope he doesn't have much work - who takes us for a wander and to a bustling bottlestore.

By this stage operations are becoming familiar as we slip back into Africa stylee. Bonus Moses, much gibber, evening ridiculous with Heinz; a no nonsense German biker who's been overlanding for some time. He rates airlines: #1 British Airways - "such nice beef", and #2 Balkan since he managed to bed a hostess on a Sofia stopover and "I put it inside"! Good braii action.

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