malawi 2000

Flatland: Senga Bay - Sani Beach

26 June   LAUNCH
Senga Bay - Unknown
Final Chichewa lessons from Morris and chess disaster whilst waiting for mwera to drop so we can get underway. Did a test drive for these conditions. The wind chilled out so we ramp, prime and fire - off and out of Senga de luxe. Quite swelly around the point but nothing detracts from the joy of finally leaving with full kit, shaken down and as much knowledge about the lake as we're likely to get until we commit. Three hours of tanga action get us clear of the last major hill of the Senga bit and we fire into a small makolo-loaded beach and see what happens.

William, wise old face and a squeeky voice, sorts us out and a quick jabber with the chief get us a place on the beach. Both William and the chief want to play watchman role as we field questions like "are you doing the journey for your government". We have begun!

Newcastle's Chibuku carton wind flaps explode in a freak burnout!

Hippos near shore - unconcerned fisherman on land, but majorly avoiding it on their approach.

 [001] 13.67S 34.59E (+8.1 km)

 distance this day 8.1 km
 total distance 8.1 km
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