malawi 2000

Flatland: Senga Bay - Sani Beach

27 June  
Unknown - Mwanjowa
Into action 0600 to brew, slip the chief some kwacha, pack and launch into large swell; LQ helming with the tanga well powered. A tad max'd as we clear the point - tricky surf demanded heavy bailing with the bucket ["Olympic" according to its label] needing a 90 degree turn to get it out the slot. Cruised through packs of curious fisherman to work our way through the bay and pioneered peeing with green bucket assistance.

The air full of dropping ash as the sky behind us fills with smoke from a very large fire. As 4pm approaches we attempt a final point before tackling a settlement - breaking surf in shallow waters lead to DISASTER as we get swamped by successive breakers. Very luckily it's standing depth and as we mission towards the shore a guy rocks out to help - his opening gambit: "why?".

So we arrive here as two soaked mazungu with dry cigarettes! Big sitdown session with the chief, other hat wearers and pretty much everyone else leads to us making our house in the chief's brother's compound and we settle into the evening phase. Dry, tired, and a little shaken...

 [002] 13.47S 34.36E (+33.9 km)

 distance this day 33.9 km
 total distance 42.0 km
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