malawi 2000

Flatland: Senga Bay - Sani Beach

02 July  
Mgombe I - Mjobe Safari Lodge - Sani beach
Highly drilled ramp and fire on the water at 7am, strained eyes to spot the bright lights and landed here [not quite Sani] which clocks us the promised green, about 10am. Good!

Promising the South African family (chilli export enterprise) a wet launch we shipped 2/3 water before ejecting LQ and bailing heavily just beyond the surf - nice recovery. Shimmed on down to Sani, during the trip we discuss heavy surf tactics and I mention that I didn't we we're approaching the Beach Of Doom - oh no.

Having successfully approached the zone we get hit by HUGE surf and from my crewing position the sky, lake, and everything else disappears behind a massive curved wall of bow spray - whilst the canoe powers down the wave with awesome planing sensation. We washed up nicely, as LQ put it "happily critical".

Feet up relaxing at the bar, the gaff is run by Benjamin and Mary who are eagre to assist with canoe patching and repairs, and all round coolness. Heavy G&T action into the evening.

 [008] 13.03S 34.20E (+2.5 km)

 [009] 13.01S 34.20E (+2.2 km)

 distance this day 4.7 km
 total distance 101.9 km
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