malawi 2000

Deep and wide: Nkhotakota - Nkhata Bay

10 July  
Sani Beach - Nkhotakota
Enjoyed sleep indoors and real bed until 7:30, with rice hit breakfast and deploy. The Beach of Doom entertained us for 2 minutes before swamping us in heavy surf. Zut! Dried off and one tea house much later we're back in there for a controlled launch into weakening wind. A slow journey up the coast gives us a chance for general play - something we haven't had since we started the mission proper.

Moments of doubt about fingers of land, spits and gaps as we approach Nkhotakota, some beachside guys point us toward "the road which goes into the sea" - a ferry jetty which plugs onto Karila bottlestore and resthouse - an outrageously whacked out 60s concrete creation with bits of iron castings, agricultural machines and sundry metal built right into the structure - room on the second storey (stairs - wow) with bonus lakeside view. The man Prince watching the canoe for K50, good to be underway again...

 [010] 12.91S 34.30E (+15.7 km)

 distance this day 15.7 km
 total distance 117.6 km
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