malawi 2000

Deep and wide: Nkhotakota - Nkhata Bay

11 July  
Nkhotakota - Unknown
The tea man wouldn't sell us 10 unit which scuppers our rolling stock technique! Cruised nicely out of NKK, more fingers of confusion stuff and with a light breeze and low low swell it's pretty easy going - even had twin engine motor sailing at one point! Thoughts of beaching for a lunch chill abandoned on spotting hippo print on the beach - so waypoint 011 only entertained us for ~50 seconds.

Fisher dude hit us for a penpal address on the water which was ridiculous, Rama II now stitched onto sail. Big sunned out day - 7 hours on the water - ends in chill embankment village with a sorted chief and randoms - got cassava and massive sweet potatos gratis and then a nsima and fish hit from neighbours. GPS regained ability to remember stuff - hurrah!

 [011] 12.75S 34.27E (+18.1 km)

 [012] 12.65S 34.18E (+14.9 km)

 distance this day 33.0 km
 total distance 150.6 km
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