malawi 2000

Deep and wide: Nkhotakota - Nkhata Bay

18 July  
Chikale - African Bay (Nkhata Bay)
Had to get out Chikale weirdzone so left after a quick jab with the forward controllers to cruise gently around to the bay proper, first landing in a chill beach bar so another bottletop gets nailed to the bow in the morning heat. African Bay is a good location, like the Gap with more features!

Shopping excursion by canoe zeroed mainly on all those things unobtainable in wupwup - lots of food bonuses coming up. Nkhata Bay has electricity, telephones and municipal water! Midhill bar deck gives view over quiet lake, ferry cruising in and a testdrive-the-whammer-cob kif boil subsiding in the head...

 [021] 11.60S 34.30E (+1.1 km)

 distance this day 1.1 km
 total distance 283.0 km
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