malawi 2000

Nkhata carpet sequence

20 July   - 23 July
Nkhata carpet sequence
"You're legends around here"

Sometime during this time the canoe got named The Rocket!

The continuum slides on by, lowkey chillage par excellence - time spent cruising around lakeside lodges in canoe hitting the greens, hookup with Kieran - Irish guy who wants to take dugout round the lake - being flummoxed by buying one so he's having one built from two trees!

Gary runs Mayorka village, explains the presence of large spikey blue orb in his bar with "it's not broken yet" and occassionally gets his punters onto the thatch hut roofs in heavy wind ("they're crap"); big multihit BBQ,

shroom afternoon in a hut we scored as part of predeparture ramp up. Curious meeting people who have been following rumours of our progress up the lake; nice being somewhere with some longterm action and a good vibe coming on through. Now to clock Graham kayak man for maps of THE MOUNTAIN PHASE [as in no beaches]...

Ramp and prime.

 distance this day 0.0 km
 total distance 283.0 km
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