malawi 2000

The Mountain Phase: Nkhata Bay - Chitimba

24 July  
Nkhata Bay - unknown - somewhere in Toto
Bit disconcerting waking up when its still dark again (although LQ thought the electric light was the dawn). Casually slid out of African Bay - the thirty minute mission to the lighthouse, and the start of the Mountain Phase, put the ice on plans of a big morning with a full lake of white crests and blasting gusts so we ditch onto a hamlet's rocky beach. Good wipe out next to canoe in the morning sun waiting for the lake to calm down. Relaunch at 1pm, zipped around the corner and on to some great hill stuff - furry green shoulders of forest, some near vertical fields and a peppering of microsettlements with supermicro beach/rock launch areas - don't rate chances of lugging the Rocket up some of them.

Anyways a chill cruise with good wind, the Ilala ferry rocks on past and we trip the Azungu kid-shriek alarm well early on the approach to this location. The two promiment English speakers were tooled up on Chibuku so initial calibration was weird, now camped next to a fish rack with the night fleet priming their lamps and lugging canoes around.

 [022] 11.59S 34.30E (+1.1 km)

 [023] 11.45S 34.28E (+15.7 km)

 distance this day 16.8 km
 total distance 299.8 km
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