malawi 2000

The Mountain Phase: Nkhata Bay - Chitimba

25 July   200 miles !
Toto - Usisya
Getting stylish now with filter coffee at dawn. 0645 gently paddling out and into dark overcast skies and "heavy dotting" of settlements. Occassional gust sessions threaten full on Mwera but never comes - cool given the low number of bailout points. By 11 we've rounded a headland and yonder the Usisya hummock on big peninsula bay head thing. Motor sailed across 7km bay, Rocket surging with power at times incredible.

Full control in surf landing at the chill lodge on the point - village has units (but dartboard like circular platters) and tea hut. Good place to laze but most likely we'll fire on to Ruarwe tomorrow for this waterfall-into-lake number. Chunk of Rocket missing near stern on outside, near thumb-oops incident. Greens and green at the lakeside feet-up bar.

The English guys broke open some champagne to celebrate 200 miles - excellente! Also - the mountains on t'other side of the lake now belong to Tanzania!

 [024] 11.24S 34.23E (+24.0 km)

 distance this day 24.0 km
 total distance 323.8 km
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