malawi 2000

The Mountain Phase: Nkhata Bay - Chitimba

28 July   Big Hitter
Chipunga - Chitimba Bay
Everything you might want:

wildlife - got zapped by creature unknown before bed so I slept with immobilised left arm to avoid pumping more venom into system - still sore all day with tingly forearm and numb finger,

early start - 6:30 on the water,

distance - 45km,

speed - it took us 9.5 hours,

weird points - grid waveset at one headland (hairy), invisible shallow breaker generator at another,

vibes - really chilled cruising through the closing sequence of the Mountain Phase,

rum and Lee Perry,

total fastrack to the foot of Livingstonia escarpment.

Very whacked out, very wasted, very excited about big rest. Phase III complete; now - Karonga and beyond the INFINITE.

 [027] 10.59S 34.18E (+44.7 km)

 distance this day 44.7 km
 total distance 396.5 km
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