malawi 2000

Brief foot shim

29 July  
Chitimba Bay
Mike at the Florence Restaurant: "let me be frank with you - we have no food".

Low horizon breakfast mission escalates into Ulima bus journey (wheeled transport - first since Sani) to resupply market stuff and get the luxurious at wholesale price. PTC manager personally introduces us to his shop and earnestly aska us not to forget the freezers - no chance since we're seeking bonus bacon.

Chilling it down in the afternoon and by evening Mike has some food at his gaff so rice and beans all the way. Extremely whacky pool table - played with Belgian cyclists from Sani - who also clocked us at Nkhata. Tomorrow the foot powered climb to Livingstonia.

 distance this day 0.0 km
 total distance 396.5 km
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