malawi 2000

Karonga and beyond the infinite: Chitimba - Kalambo

01 August  
Chitimba - Lion Point - Papa
Some points concerning the final wham:

1) sustainability is not an option

2) we have to get to the bank in Karonga before the weekend, ~75km

3) some random bod is going to receive the Rocket as we bail onto the road at the northernmost connected chunk of shore, somewhere short of Kaporo.

So yes. The bwato extravaganza optimised for fun AND efficiency (remember Heinz?) paddles out of the bay and turns left once again. A full on sweaty slog into Northesterly nvuma headwind leaves us touching down at Lion Point before tackling the second deep fine bay, easier since the mwera kicked in and then we're fastracking it big style round Chilumba and into the Northwest corridor.

Have straight, supremely good coastline sort of mix of Mountain Phase and forested round hills which totally wows the passing mazungus in their canoe. Cruised late until rounding point into flatland and tucking into cool village with chai-like tea, Mc Webster with nsima kampango hit and too zapped to write any more...

 [028] 10.53S 34.23E (+8.7 km)

 [029] 10.28S 34.18E (+28.3 km)

 distance this day 37.0 km
 total distance 433.5 km
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