malawi 2000

Karonga and beyond the infinite: Chitimba - Kalambo

02 August  
Papa - unknown chillness

Exciting wildlife incident - found a scorpion in the pod whilst packing up - little guy about 4cm long. Also on insect matters yesterday we clocked slicks of transparent casing floating along the lake which LQ reckons are spent lakefly launch pods. Lots of jib as you might well imagine.

Dawn greeted us with big winds and a beach surf that made the rock litter look menacing. Kept onshore until about 11am with some pod slumbering and a choose-your-own-payload from Mr Chai. A waste deep wade to get Rocket across the rocks, pop the tanga into a windy but dropping breeze. Things really click with the predosed units - hefty spoon of shroom powder and standard peanut butter - and so its an afternoon of high calm - LQ: "everything was in a dream" - along chill bays just cruising past in an excellent lakeside way.

We pulled into a quiet sandy beach-with-prong, easy interface and good mime conversation with nyumba-over-there bambo. The pod's in a very bonus location on starry night. Karonga about 20km so we're kinda running out of lake! In light of nearing the mission's end we've broached the emergency chocolate and have the pod in openair chill config with mzuzu coffee, fat chamba and really chilled heads. Fantastic - never thought it could be this good!

 [030] 10.07S 34.00E (+30.7 km)

 distance this day 30.7 km
 total distance 464.3 km
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