malawi 2000

Karonga and beyond the infinite: Chitimba - Kalambo

Karonga - Kalambo
Final wham, just day kit. We decided to pop Greg's medicine so by the time we have got the Rocket off through the shorebreak (heavy bailing and a good soaking for the crew) everything was just fine. Glorious last tanga run, filled with excitements including halyard failure which need demasting afloat to sort out, huge long drives of swell, GPS reckoning 7.4kph and the whole show humming along just fine.

Plans of crossing into Tanzania are dropped in light of big windwater action so about three hours of fun the Rocket makes a fantastic surf powererd landing onto a beach loaded with fishermen sorting their catches. Grinning like fools we get the canoe parked amongst the others, the general crowd seemed quite impressed by our arrival. Appropriately one guy has a Tshirt with "We are here" slogan.

Suddenly a wisened face pops through the crowd and thrusting a fine kampango into my hands says "I give you this fish". So we gave him the Rocket in return, which he seemed happy about. More fish also appear so by the time we strip the tanga of shiny-gogo items like snapshackles we just have paddles, day bag, shoes and a loaded fish selector.

Riford, the new Rocket owner, escorts us to the tarmac about 3km up a large lazy river - classic inland vibe ending a journey we started when we walked back to Senga beach after the Cape episode. As we board the pickup back to Karonga we slip him Rama's Durham Student Union card explaining to him that it's the canoe's license!

At Karonga (a pleasantly long ride in reasonably fast vehicle, on which we met two policemen who'd successfully recovered 100kg of stolen rice) we get a restaurant to fry up the fish for lunch, and now settling in to unwind from this crazy roadshow, which has kept us continually in fun for a while, and as ever, the difficult bit was just getting around to doing it.

Of course, as well as enjoying ourselves, we are keeping continual guard for the feds, who are in heavy effect here in the Mufwa compound...

 distance this day 0.0 km
 total distance 480.2 km
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