malawi 2000


10 August  
Usisya - Nkhata Bay
Our last piece of lakeshorelake travel is a narrow short fishing boat with a 25HP on the back, the lift scored from three girls on a payyourway tour. With the wind and waves on the bow we get soaked and blown for a long slog south. We are now carrying Usisya's battery!

Arrive at Mayorka colder than I've been for a while, soon restored to operational status. Lodge crowd a little subdued, seem's we've again arrived the night after a big party - Gary's eyes lined with remnants of mascara to give him that really phucked look.

Pod on the hillside overlooking the bay, drawing the mission to a close as our time on the lake oozes on past in Nkhata's fine easy tempo.


 distance this day 0.0 km
 total distance 480.2 km
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